BrownBag Seminar – 13 septembre

Learning Outcomes of Virtual Exchange in Higher Education

Dr. Robert O’Dowd

‘Virtual Exchange’, refers to the application of online communication tools to bring together classes of language learners in geographically distant locations with the aim of developing their foreign language skills and intercultural and digital competences through collaborative tasks and project work (Lewis & O’Dowd, 2016; O’Dowd, 2013). It is also an activity which has received its fair share of criticism in the literature, and at times there is a clear scepticism amongst commentators as to its effectiveness in developing intercultural awareness (Kramsch, 2014; Liddicoat & Scarino, 2013).

This presentation will review the results of various recent research studies which have looked at the impact of Virtual Exchange initiatives on competence development, explore the main criticisms and concerns which have been expressed, and finally on how both practitioners and researchers can react and learn from these critiques.

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Les séminaires BrownBag sont organisés par TECFA et sont ouverts à tous.

BrownBag Seminar
Jeudi 13 septembre 2018 | 11h30-12h30
Pavillon Mail, salle PM01, entrée libre